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Email scrap on Expat.ru

I have avoidedthe expat scene since I moved to Moscow, with one exception, I belong to a mailing list where foreigners in Russia ask questions and share advice.  The service is entitled Expat.ru and it's actully rather handy.

On Friday it also turned into a place for a good fight - read below:

Message 1

Dear Fellow Listers...

After 6 years we have parted from our Nanny even though she was a part of the family, but unfortunately our son was outgrowing her ability to keep up with him and his needs.

So here we are looking for a new Nanny... somebody who comes well recommended... English knowledge a plus, but not at all a must. A good education makes sense as she has to be able to challenge and stimulate our son also from an intellectual point of view.

We live easy to reach in Kitai Goriod with both Kitai Gorod and Lubljanka Metro stations within a 5 min walk.

Would appreciate any leads

Thanks in advance



Message 2 (a barbed reply)

Bourgeois hiring stimulating women for their obstreperous offspring? I envy your son, my father couldn't afford a clown!



Message 3 (the initial sender gets support)

Mr. Andrey .... well done .... (clap, clap, clap) .... such big words .... bourgeois, obstreperous and "envy", but I especially liked 'obstreperous',

did you have to use a thesaurus for that one? You know, you need to be wary of that green-eyed devil ... 'envy' ..., envy will get you in trouble or in

the least make you appear to be an 'ass', especially when an adult is envious of a young child .... lighten up Mr. Andrey or don't comment at all!

Best Regards to All, William


Message 4 (the original sender replies)

Andrey, what do you have a problem with... me working hard to try and offer my son the best life possible or you being frustrated with your pathetic life?



if LJ had "like" button, I would click it :)
That is an authentic experience that comes with money earned in Russia. :)

in a soviet way

My friend works on Expat.ru. I'll transfer it to her :-)

October 2009

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