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аршавин = дурак

Not a very clever interview  from Mrs Arshavin- will only make his welcome from the Tottenham fans tomorrow even more intense....


Oh yes, she really should think a little bit harder before saying anything. But Arshavin himself was rather optimistic in his predictions about his game in Tittenham. Soon we'll see what he will demonstrate to us in practice, not on words.
Is that a deliberate spelling mistake in the spelling of Tottenham.....
Shame on me… Why my spelling mistakes are always so ambiguous?.. I should become attentive myself before criticizing someone’s interviews:)
I am really sorry.
Ben, I always like when you say/write 'dorak' or 'doraki':)
It was the first Russia word I learnt!
the journalist's comments on our cuisine are just as silly as what that dumb woman said about England.
Yes, good point. However, Mrs Arshavin should know that you can get perfectly good pelmeni here: http://www.allinlondon.co.uk/directory/1158/47315.php
too bad that this information is useless to me))
What bothers me always the most is people who don't have an idea about the country, and what's sad is even if she watched something like I'm Alan Partridge she wouldn't get it.
People like that don't deserve to live in England.
If you lived Alan Partridge then you should check out Gavin and Stacey - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gavin_and_Stacey

It is made by Steve Coogan's production company - who is as you know, also Alan Partridge!
I wish Steve Coogan was my husband and father of my children. :)

I'll download Gavin and Stacey now:)
I fell in love with England when I was eight, I think, watching only fools and horses:)
you need to watch Series 1 first, it is better than Series 2. It is genius - maybe better than The Office.

October 2009

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